[Earth Day Webinar on April 22, 2022 ] Planetary Well-being in a time of global crisis: ethical perspectives from the Earth Charter

Earth Charter International, Okayama University UNESCO Chair in Research and Education for Sustainable Development and Griffith University Climate Action Beacon are organizing an Earth Day event to provide an opportunity to exchange views and reflect about the challenges we face as Earth Community and the opportunities we have to turn things around in the direction of planetary well-being.

Amid the challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, social disparity, and a lack of ethical leadership, what is our vision of Planetary Well-being and how can we contribute, and evaluate our contributions towards that through the ethical perspective of the Earth Charter?
This webinar will address the following questions:

・What is Planetary Well-being?
・What are our contributions to Planetary Well-being?
・How can we assess / evaluate our contributions to Planetary Well-being through the Earth Charter lens?

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<Details of Earth Day Webinar>
 April 22, 2022 10am Tokyo = 11am Brisbane, Australia
 April 21, 2022 7pm Costa Rica = 6pm PST

・Brendan Mackey, (Australia)
 Director, Griffith Climate Action Beacon at Griffith University
 Earth Charter International, Council member 

・Kazuo Takahashi, (Japan)
 Former Official of OECD and Advisor of the Library of Alexandria
 Former Professor of the International Christian University

・Anupam Saraph, (India)
 Professor and Director of Research Project, Earth Charter International
 Board Member/Advisor to the Balaton Group, Club of Rome Indian National Association
 and Jalbiradari

 Mirian Vilela, Earth Charter International


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